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Superstroke Putting Mirror

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The Superstroke Putting mirror will give you instant feedback on posture, stroke path, putter face alignment and set-up position to help develop a reliable repeating putting stroke into your muscle memory.


Eye Alignment and Position

Your eyes should be directly over the black horizontal centre sight line and behind the ball.


Ball Position

Your sternum is the main pivot point to ensure a good forward ball roll. The ball should be positioned approximately 2" forward of your sternum.


Shoulder Alignment

For a solid stroke, your shoulders should be parallel to the black "Shoulders Square?"line to gain parallel shoulder alignment.


Putter Shaft Angle/Hand Position

At address the shaft angle of the putter can be perpendicular to the ground, or slightly inclined towards the target. Bad shaft angle can create extra loft and backspin on your putts, which makes the ball bounce and roll off line.


Putter Face at Address

Poor putter face alignment is the most common cause of missed putts. Use parallel lines behind the ball to correctly align your putter face