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Garmin Z80 Rangefinder & GPS

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The Garmin Approach Z80 GPS Laser RangeFinder will deliver instant and accurate distances to anywhere on the course as well as display the hole in 2-D.

Garmin have upped the game when it comes to rangefinders. They have used CourseView which displays a full-colour 2-D view of the hole and gives you the distances to all hazards and the front and back of the hole. CourseView GPS allows you access to over 41,000 courses worldwide.

Then you are able to activate the laser to get the precision and accuracy needed to get the correct distance to your chosen target. The Z80 is accurate to within 10” of the intended target. 

To provide reassurance that you have targeted the flag and not the trees behind the green, Garmin have used an image stabilisation design that will help you ‘lock-on’ and find the flag easier. The viewfinder comes with a 6x magnification to deliver a clear and crisp view and the augmented map overlay will not disturb you when using the laser. 

For the ultimate performance and help getting the correct yardage when playing uphill and downhill, Garmin have incorporated their ‘PlaysLike Distance’ technology. For tournament play you can turn this function off making it legal for competition. 

Another fantastic feature unique to the Garmin Z80 is the PinPointer technology that will show the direction of the green on blind shots. 

In terms of comfort in the hand Garmin have designed the Z80 to fit easily into the hand to not only increase comfort but help stability when getting a distance. The Garmin Z80 is powered by a strong lithium battery that will last up to 15 hours.

The golf laser range finder with GPS
  • Full-colour 2-D course view mapping is integrated in the viewfinder display for more than 41,000 courses worldwide
  • Shows a detailed green view in a 2-D overlay with front and back information as soon as you lock the flag
  • Most accurate distance measurements, within 10" to the flag, up to 350 yards (320 metres)
  • Image stablisation reduces shakiness and makes it easier to find and range the flag
  • PlaysLike Distance feature adjusts distances based on uphill or downhill slope; turns on or off for tournament play


  • Unit dimensions: 122.9 x 80.0 x 42.1 mm
  • Weight: 226 g
  • Battery type: rechargeable lithium-ion (non-replaceable)
  • Battery life: Up to 15 hours
  • Water rating: IPX7
  • Interface: USB
  • Full colour OLED display
  • Diopter adjustment (+/- 4)
  • Tournament mode (disables non-conforming features)

Laser range finder

  • Laser range to flag: 350 yards/320 metres
  • Laser accuracy: +/- 10" (25 cm)
  • Magnification: 6x
  • Flag Finder with visual confirmation laser has locked onto the flag
  • Image stabilisation
  • Laser range arc (displayed on map)
  • PlaysLike Distance (slope correction)

GPS and maps

  • More than 41,000 preloaded course maps
  • 2-D course maps displayed in viewfinder
  • Green View (automatic when laser ranging the flag)
  • Distances to hazards and layups
  • Distances to front, centre and back of green
  • Drive distance arc
  • Free course updates
  • Auto hole transition
  • Par information for each hole
  • Auto zoom
  • PinPointer (for lining up blind shots)